Not all people like structure. But for me, structure helps to put purpose into my life.

When I think about addiction it reminds me of repetition. Like a clock works, the body will crave whatever the addiction is. Then once the body has become immune to whatever it is being feed, the addiction requires more.

To create structure I start with small tasks. Each morning upon awakening I get on my knees and I pray. Okay, if you have bad knees, then stand. The prayer can be as simple as: I do not know what I am praying to, but thank you for waking me up and please help me not to feed my addiction.

Then depending on how badly I need to visit the little girl’s room, I makeup my bed instantaneously. Otherwise, my stinking thinking will tell me “why bother to make the bed when you plan to get back in it.”

So, little modifications like these can change undesirable habits into principles with great rewards. As a result, I no longer fear my loses, but the good news is, I have zeal for life: an abundant life.

Optional reading Mark 10:28-31