Has your life ever felt out of sink? Do you feel empty even when there are people around? Like a loaded clothesline with every option of design, but nothing seems to fit.

Addiction causes us to have restrictions in our life. No matter when we make a conviction our habit will lead us to contradiction. For example, we will tell a friend that they can depend on us, but when the time arrives for us to shine, we are no longer able to woman or man up, because of our obsession with our infatuation.

So, we swing more withdrawn from society and in the meantime we feel sorry for ourselves. We learn to wallow in self-pity, teaching ourselves that the world is against us. Meanwhile, our humanness pivots and becomes flawed.

While we drown in our sorrows all alone with our minds we convince ourselves that we are failures and we veer to despair.

For this reason, our character becomes defective and we can no longer differentiate the truth from the false. So, we become further isolated from reality.

Therefore, to break the isolation we have to admit to ourselves, and to God, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

Eventually, we can ask God to help remove all our defeats of character. Is this possible? Absolutely! Although I do believe our imperfections are always with us, I trust that they are more in balance when we become aware of when we are out of our zone. Therefore, giving us a life worthy to be lived.

To sum up, may the peace of the Lord give us the courage to step out on faith and when we fall, because we will, we get up and try again. Can I get an Amen? ~ Lynda McClelland