Negativity is all around us.  The enemy wants us to believe that we are incapable of overcoming those difficult obstacles that we face on a daily basis.  Most days we only hear about what is going wrong in  the world and not too much that will inspire the soul.  Rather the news is in regards to sports, presidential elections, or the economy’s down swing, the news can be just plain traumatizing.

So, how do we overcome and defeat the opponent–depression?  A good start would be to encourage ourselves.  Let us not drench in our sorrow, but quench our souls.  Let us remove those unfavorable things from our lives.  There is nothing wrong, but everything right with severing a relationship with those people, places, and things that want to discourage us. In fact, once we are outside the picture frame then we can truly see the truth.

Therefore, let us get a bounce in our step. Let us find those things that brings us joy and harmony with the earth.  For instance, let us take an intentional walk and focus on what is beautiful.  Another example is to repeat positive affirmations that we are worthy and deserve to have a good life.  To emphasize, let us choose to help another ailing soul.  Besides, I believe there is no greater way to overcome depression than to get out of ourselves and help another who is hurting.

All in all, the time has come that we have to inspire, stimulate, and motivate ourselves.  Let us make this claim that we can, especially with the help of the Lord.  Amen.