Addicts continue to do what they have always done, and therefore they continue to get what they have always gotten. That is shame, guilt, and remorse. Most addicts are fearful to look at changing their behavior because they do not want to look at the wreckage of their past. Consequently, they cannot see the beauty of recovery because their reasoning is flawed. Sure, we will tell ourselves that life is good when in fact we are miserable in the existence of our bodies.

First, if only we can have a little faith, even the size of a mustard seed we can recover. Then we make minor changes; small changes are good. For example, just for today we can tell ourselves “I am loved. I am here on this earth for a reason. I want to do better with my life. I need help to change from my old ways to a new way of thinking.” So, that is all that we do for today.

Then tomorrow, we repeat that cycle, but we add something. For instance, we walk outside for five minutes. While we are strolling along we make a conscientious effort to focus on our breathing; we breathe in and we breathe out. Again, that is all we do for that day.

The following day, we repeat the previous cycle, but we add something again. However, this time our walk is ten minutes. In other words, we constantly make minor substitutions in our life each day. Eventually, we will modify our unwanted habits into welcomed consistent habits. To emphasize, we will make a painstaking effort to recover, one day at a time. In fact, we will come to see that our past will be our motivator for our future.

Are these extravagant promises, I know not. Our life will transform with a few minor adjustments, one day at a time. If we fail, we pick ourselves up and start over. The importance thing is to strive for an addiction free life. Are we willing to go to any lengths to recover?