Life can be rough when we distort the truth.  Have you ever thought about how we can fabricate a story; volunteering unsolicited information or eliminating facts to make ourselves look good.  Addiction can bring about shame and that can cause us to mask the truth about who we really are.  After all, most people want to be liked.  We try to impress folk, when in fact what others think about us is none of our business.

For example, we might apply for employment.  On the application we are faced with that question “have you ever been terminated from a job because of drug and alcohol abuse?” One’s natural instinct is to think “well they will never know, so I can answer no.”  Then within a month or so we are being called to the office because our previous employer had been contacted.  They told the real reason why we had been let go.

Yet, before all is said and done what seemed like a genuine answer ends in a speedy dismissal.  Moreover, we continue to construe why we are no longer employed. That is, before we know it, we have to tell one tale after another.

In the meantime, we boast with our chest sprawling.  We tell how unfair the employer had been towards us.  Never once taking into consideration that we were the one that got the ball rolling.  We have to start by being brutally honesty with ourselves. If only we would have told the truth.  Sure not ever employer will be willing to listen, but we do this for ourselves, so we can recover.  When we know better, we do better.

For this reason, we have to constantly make an effort to be honest with ourselves so we can be honest with others.  Honest balances….  (Proverbs 16:11).  Let’s say what we mean.  Let’s mean what we say and then let’s do what we say.   Is it difficult?  You bet! But keep in mind that our higher power, and for me that is God, will handle the outcome.  Therefore, leaving us with peace and serenity about our future.

What whoppers have you told lately?