Some days I have reminisced about my past. I have thought about how my life might have been different if only I would have…. I have even thought about  those what “ifs.” What if I would have graduated from high school? What if I had not gotten pregnant at 16 and had not gotten married then? What if I had been stronger when I had been introduced to drugs and alcohol and could have said “no?” My list can go on and on.

On the other hand, what if I had never experienced how to survive adversity? Or what if I had never learned the importance of gratitude? Or what if I had never learned that my cup was really half full and not half emptied? Better yet, what if I had never learned how to have a relationship with a higher power, and for me that power is God?

In other words, there can always be regret if we choose to focus on “what if?” What is important is that we can recognize that life happens; we can either move with it gracefully, or we can become stagnated because we want to be victims.

Therefore, I choose not to regret the past because that produces depression. So, I celebrate my life so my day is not wasted and my strength is not sapped. Life is filled with missed opportunities and setbacks; we are going to make mistakes along the way, because we are not perfect. 3… But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, Philippians 3:13, NRSV.

How do you get past regret?