Fly like an eagle. Flee to the sea. Gleam on the other side and become home-free. Do not be a copy cat. Do not false around. But, allow ourselves to unfold, remold, and control our destiny.

Life is a journey. Yet, we do not have to result to a gurney; destroying our lives because if only…. Sojourn from the debating society. Instead, adorn that new path that allows a real, candid, pure, and genuine self. Seeking. Testing. Revising. Welcoming. Replacing. Skipping to an authentic self.

Spurge and do not diverge from what God’s heart desires. We are never too old not to control our purpose. Flow like the wind, but show no sin, and gallop to the end. Do not hide that precious side that God created within us. (Genesis 3:9-10, NRSV). Intuitively, we will see the truth, and the truth will make us free. (James 8:32, NRSV).