Oh what a glorious day hoped for. Those things that are unseen; mesmerized with beauty. Makes me want to jump rope, or sing while I gallop down a bunny slope.

Good hope. I am going to use my telescope hoping to build a beautiful kaleidoscope. My horoscope says “stay encouraged because you never know what tomorrow will bring.” Oh what a glorious day hoped for.

Life is good because I have hope not to be on a slippery slope. But I have hope to be on a glide slope. I have hope even if it has to be seen through a microscope. Yes. Hope that is magnified and is bigger than a continental slope.

I will not dope because I have hope, so I plan to cope. My hope is to love life like a gumdrop with sugar and spice. So move over doom and gloom you cannot take away my hope; that everything is going to be all right.

Peace my brothers and sisters!