I have been in contemplation about the words hindsight, foresight, and insight. Hindsight helps me to remember and to reflect on the past. Foresight allows me to have premonition; the vision to see ahead. And insight, gives me the ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of a complex person, situation, and/or subject.

I never want to forget how drugs and alcohol will impact my life in a negative way. Even when I understand the consequences of my actions, sometimes I want to believe that “this time things will be different, but they never are.”

I know today that my life is not altered because of the fifth or seventh drink, or because I combine barbiturates with alcohol, or that I should drink mixed drinks instead of straight whiskey, or my ability to think of any drug related concoction with the belief that “this time things will be different” because they will be different, but not in a good way. I understand that the first drink and any mood altering substance that I allow in my body will cause me great harm and regret. As a result, I will cave in and return to a miserable life with no respect for myself or others.

For these reasons, I can see undoubtedly that life is a struggle, and I will have ups and downs. I will be challenged to do evil. Yet I absolutely know that a drink and drugs will not make life any better. I have to stand on the promise of what works and I cannot heed to the sins of the world. But I will remember the Lord my God, for it is he who gives me power to endure. Deuteronomy 8:18

Oh what a beautiful life with the grace of God!