Spring has sprung, so bring on the sun, and let us all have some fun. The blooms have begun. Can you smell the bradford pears and the magnolia trees? The residue of their scents along with the Easter lillies cause my nostrils to twitch. Oh my how I reminisce, about the goodness of the Lord.

My body was lame because it was torched by the flame of alcoholism. I could no longer sense the beauty that was so freely given because my soul was shame. As I became more aware that God had a plan for me (Jeremiah 29:11 NRSV) I could no longer ignore, but I had to reclaim my place in society.

Oh thank you God for a daily reprieve. Please help me to remember that this is a disease. There are so many people who suffer from the throws of this addiction, that they too have lost hope. But for your grace and your everlasting mercy Lord, you offer the same to those who will claim your name, this I know.

I am a believer who has no need to silence this spiritual awakening. Amen.