Nick Simonitch, you had your entire life in front of you. You were smart, intelligent, handsome, kind, considerate, hard worker, had your own apartment, you had a warm spirit, and just a  loving human being.

I have come to understand that not all things in life are simple. No, most times when we do not understand something, we try to put a label on it, such as “bi-polar.”  And although I do not know what you were experiencing before the time of your demise, I do know that you did not deserve to die in the manner that you did.

So my heart aches, my eyes fill with tears, as I try to grasp why were you taken so soon? I believe I will never know or understand. Yet, the only thing that I can grasp is my understanding of God; those who mourn, will be comforted Matt:5:4 NRSV.

Yes, I trust that you will live on. Your spirit will remain with us. At family gatherings we will place a table setting especially for you. We will try and laugh and remember the good times. So, rest my friend. Please know that although you have left, you will never be forgotten.

Nick, I pray that your soul will rest in peace.