January 2, 2014

Happy New Year followers!

As I flitter ahead into this New Year I have a hope of glimmer it will not be dimmer than the past. I pray not to be bitter, but I have high hopes to be trimmer; so it is time to clean house.

I plan to shake off the chaos, brake for the fake, rock the unjust, and forsake the tainted. Instead of a tension headache I have plans to move smooth into a life that is bold and holds the truth. This will allow me to stand tall so I can be honorable because I do not want to brawl.

So each year that I am blessed to repeat this life I can confess that I beat the odds.  I pray not to be conceited, but to meet and greet what God has in store for me. I do not want to miss a beat. Yet I know to grow insightful of what brings meaning and purpose in my life, will mean to sacrifice; so it is time to clean house.

Oh gracious God I know it is not scientific, but it is specific what you ask of me. To be careful how I live, not as an unwise person, but as wise, making the most of my time, because the days are evil; (Eph. 5:15-16) so it is time to clean house.

And so help me Lord not to drift, but to be a gift so I can help lift and encourage another to clean house.