Life is not perfect; far from it. There are days that I think I am doomed. There is nothing specific as to why I contemplate that, but I get this fear that things will not work out like I think they are supposed to. For instance I want to believe that I am not good enough, that I will end up all alone without any family or friends, and that my childhood was when life was heavenly without worries.

Contrary to what I think, thoughts are just thoughts. My fears cannot harm me; most times they are false evidence appearing real. In fact, I want to think my childhood was so good, but most of it I cannot remember.

The good news is when I become fearful this is the perfect time for me to take a personal inventory of what I can be grateful for. For example, I have a husband and we adore each other. I have siblings in spite of our differences who love each other. I have a wonderful smart loving cute and adorable daughter with adorable grandchildren. I am even a college graduate. But above and beyond all of that, I have a higher power and for me that is God who allows me to sit in the comfort of a love that is like the morning dew on luscious green grass. For this simple fact, I cannot be all alone. What a blessing to discern this sweet love that I have a constant contact with at all times when I choose to be loved.

Therefore, I can be reassured that the enemy wants me to think that I am hopeless and that mind altering drugs and alcohol are my solution to the fear. But before I surrender to the foreseeable I just need to stop and think the process all the way through. Calling someone I trust and talking about the fears is good too. Fear cannot harm. I am not all alone.