There is a time when we have to shout-out that we are burned-out. Let us not sell-out, but confess that we are psyched-out, because of change. Lots of changes. Life.

Who would have thought that we can lack confidence, when we most need it? Sure we want to hide-out. It is like being in a freeze, no doubt. Let us not pass-out, by tripping out, this is just a phase, so we have to holdout. We have to rule-out, that we cannot give-out, but that this too shall pass. It is time-out from the debating society. Let us step-out, and go beyond doubt, that we are just where we are suppose to be, no doubt.

Let us cry out and ask for help with our disbelief. Let us not be afraid. Let us display that we have faith. Otherwise, we can be tossed around like on a roundabout, spinout, and unable to carryout. Let us have no doubt. ~ Lynda McClelland