“When I get that impeccable job making oodles of money then I will be satisfied.”
“When the perfect mate comes along, then I will change my behavior.”
“If you had my life, you would drink too.”

Sounds all too familiar!

Too often we can find ourselves in situations that cause us to think we are not good enough. We start to compare ourselves to other people outside appearances. We try to identify with the “why” are they thin, drive a fancy car, have that perfect house or spouse, and the list is infinite. As a result, we make judgments about them and ourselves, based on false evidence. Most times we have no idea what someone is experiencing, especially internally. Consequently, we inflict pain on ourselves based on the indication that we are less than, therefore we do not deserve a life that is happy, joyous, and free.

Instead, we are constantly trying to replenish our worth. We get in debt above our means. We marry with a false sense of pride that someone owes us something, or they will make us better. We lose our identity, along with our morals. Between jealousy and envy, we are rooted away from our authentic self, to someone we no longer can identify with. The pain becomes so great, that our only solution at that point is to drink and drug.

There is a solution. We are enough; just the way we are. But we have to really believe that we are enough. No amount of money, or people, or things, can bring us the joy and happiness that we can bring to ourselves. We can find this freedom by being able to sit alone in solitude, confirming our faith in something greater than ourselves, and validating ourselves with positive affirmations–that we are enough. Once we come to a place of belief, then we can share this love with others.