Many of us missed out on the prerequisite of Love 101. That tender stroke that caresses our heart, to know that we are loved and that we can share our love.

We live in an environment that promotes opposition. Sports, socio-economic class, religion or no religion, war, no war, just to name a few. Most times we are in competition with our self and with one another. We are constantly trying to juggle life, so we can obtain those things that we desire. As a result there is strife.

Yet love can bring us harmony. This is an inside job. If we love ourselves enough, our love will spread out to others. We do not have to antagonize our self or one another to feel victory. We do not have to have shame of who we are. There is no need to blame others so we can feel adequate with where we are. What a blessing to allow people to live their lives and we live ours. That is love.