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Have you ever been at a place of dreadful fear, countless restless nights, and severe discontentment with life? Yet you have a conscience contact with a higher-power and you pray, but prayer does not seem to rectify your troubles soon enough?

So often the reason is we want to control the outcome to a situation, opposed to doing the foot work, letting go, and allowing the solution to reveal itself. We have the belief that we know what, how, when, and why the results need to unfold to our conviction. And when they do not, we can become insane.

There are supplements to our dilemma. When we share our fears openly with another, they are slashed in half. A trusted confidant is imperative; someone who will allow us to be authentic, and will not judge our thoughts. Plus it is healthy to lament our dissatisfaction to our higher power. Amazingly, these can bring us comfort.

In hindsight, if we are honest, most likely we can recall times that what we thought and what exactly happened, were a blessing we did not have the final say in the matter. This is cause to keep in mind that our higher-power will do for us, what we cannot do for ourselves.

As a result, prayer can bring other solutions, if only we pray.