Have we heard lately, “what we think about ourselves is not always accurate?” Sure there are those blatant traits that are obvious, such as a person of color, or a person with an academia degree. Yet, what I am thinking are those negative and not so pleasant thoughts such as “I am a loser. I am not smart. I am stupid. I will never recovery from the horrible decisions I have made in life.”

There comes a time in life when everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a third and fourth chance. In fact, we are worthy to give ourselves as many chances as we need to make a difference in our life and the life of others.

Let this be the season that we take risks on self. After all, if we have been to the school of hard knocks, we have earned the opportunity to a better life; one that can restore us to sanity. Unquestionable not all opportunities are fair. Not all our needs are satisfied in a sense that allow us to feel grandeur about who we are. Economics and social class play a huge part in why ventures are not distributed equally. We live in a world that is broken. However, we can find peace within self, and we can live in solace, in spite of the chaos around us.

We do not have to succumb to violence towards self and others by using drugs, alcohol, and negative behavior that can lead to regret and remorse. To only find ourselves repeating that same unwanted conduct the next day. There is a solution. We can always turn to love–to love ourselves and others, while working with what we have. We are worth a new beginning.

Let us take that chance today. We are greater than we think. The more we feed ourselves positive affirmations, the more we will come to trust in our abilities to accomplish what we believe to be impossible, if only we can believe. Let us have the willingness to at least glance at those negative things that are blaring in our hearts. If we get honest, we can change those things that need to change. We can admit our faults, and make restitution. What a blessings when we choose self at the top of our priority list. Let this be the time for a new beginning in a trying and difficult world. We can do it; one day at a time.