A. Aspire to be the best that we can
B. Break down barriers that prevent us from being the  best that we can
C. Count our blessings
D. Do not allow fear to prevent us from achieving our goals
E. Excel in all that we do to better our world so others can benefit too
F. Failure is not a crime. Try until we exceed
G. Gratitude is a must in all things
H. Have hope and faith that we can succeed especially when the benefit surpasses the effort
I. Implement positive affirmations daily
J. Justice is a byproduct of determination and hard work
K. Kindness trumps meanness
L. Love has no boundaries
M. Mercy cannot be measured
N. No means no
O. Outstanding ability to admit faults and try again
P. Push no one but ourselves
Q. Quit complaining
R. Reserve the right to change our mind
S. Stand up for justice
T. Think positive
U. Understand and don’t underestimate our potential
V. Victory does not necessarily mean we will be in agreement with the results, but in the long run we will know that we did benefit from the outcome
W. Wear life like a loose garment
X. Xs can be informed teachers
Y. Y not read this list daily
Z. Zeal for life is optional