Yes, yes, yes, that old saying “Beauty is only skin deep.” But let’s take this a step further. Some of us go to great lengths to beautify ourselves. Constantly worried about how we look to others. The question is “Do we capture anything in our self that goes so deep, that it will take a province of great knowledge within to understand?

In other words, our beauty is on the skin, but deep. Let us not worry about what others think of us. No one else knows our struggles. No one can determine what we need to feel adequate and complete. Sure we can acquire outside sources like sponsors, therapists, clergy and the like to guide and steer us, but ultimately our answers lie within. That right there my friend, is beauty on the skin, but real deep. Once we come to accept and know who we are, our beauty will shine much so, that others cannot help but to see us.

To uncover or to discover our beauty we have to be willing to dig deep. So often we have buried those things that were painful to admit, such as an abusive relationship. Somewhere in the midst of our hurt, we tuned out of life and reality.  We pretended that all was well. In fact, we were drowning in sorrow, hurt, pain, isolation, remorse, and guilt. 

But please do not be discouraged. We can pick up the broken pieces when we become willing; one piece at a time we start to mend. Once we get a glimpse of what is happening, our old self will tell us “What are you doing? You cannot leave me. You are all those things that you have believed to be true for so many years. Stop trying to change, because you are who you are.”

But oh no! We have to stay strong for self. We have to be willing to go to any lengths to mend the broken pieces, one piece at a time by being honest with self. Announce our needs to self and to others. Believe we are worthy and act accordingly. And eventually we will heal, if we stay determined. Sure we will doubt our self, but please do not give up. Take a risk on self, and see that self is well worth the work. Let our beauty shine on, bright as the skin deep.